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12th Space Forum Highlights

Anywise was thrilled to join the 12th Space Forum held at Adelaide Convention Centre and organised by the Andy Thomas Foundation. The Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall, inaugurated the event with a speech highlighting the growth of the space industry. Primarily, the cross-sector collaboration and the achievements made so far at the Lot Fourteen Complex (such as the Kanyini CubeSat) and within Australia. Similarly, Pamela Melroy, a newly appointed NASA administrator, also highlighted the importance of the Australian space sector and ongoing collaboration with The United States of America in the space industry for interplanetary exploration missions.

Different discussion forums presented ideas about the ways to intensify the involvement of Australia in the space sector. The panel also stressed the importance to diversify the participation of Australian businesses and transform the Australian industry into a growing Space industry. Keynote speeches were from the Head of Australia Space agency and leaders from the Academia, Research and Development, Government Agencies, and Educators. Discussion gravitated to the Australian space industry moving from smaller satellites to the launch of larger ones in the near future. They also spotlighted the importance of Australia's active presence and involvement in the global space industry.

The head of the Australian Space Agency, Enrico Palmero, updated the ever-growing industry engagement and partnership by Australian enterprises with the US, UK and the EU. He expressed his views towards capability development and encouraged space companies to advance the space industry with innovative technology development and partnerships. Three different panels discussed collaboration between industry and academic institutions for research and development of innovative solutions for civil and defence applications. Additionally, emerging technologies within earth observations and what their applications in various sectors including agriculture, weather monitoring, and climate change were some examples discussed. Forums also underlined the need for building resilience with targeted support after natural tragedies (such as bushfires, floods, hurricanes etc.) using the observation data. Panels also highlighted the overcrowding of Lower Earth orbit and our required transition to larger satellites, advanced manufacturing technologies and their integration into the space industry.

Anywise joined the event virtually and have great ideas and initiatives towards participation, collaboration and strong development of Australia's active involvement as a space innovation leader.


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