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Questacon Data Core

Case Study

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Questacon needed a better way of collecting and storing data in one location. Their current decentralised data storage was causing issues including reporting discrepancies and inaccuracies. Multiple spreadsheets were making it difficult for staff to find the right data and there were often duplicate data entries and misspelling. There was a need to standardise procedures in a single easy-to-access application for all users and stakeholders. Questacon chose Anywise as its capability development partner to make the data accurate, governed, accessible and usable.



- Department of Industry
- Science, Energy and Resources



- Agile Project Delivery
- High performing teams



- Tailored Digitisation Solution
- Data Governance
- Centralised Web Application



- 3 Years (Ongoing)


Anywise partnered with Questacon to deliver a bespoke solution utilising our agile approach to project delivery. Together a cross-functional team was formed to find a solution to Questacon’s data problem. Through several iterations and several ideas to solve this problem, a tool was created with tailored design and functionality for Questacon. The Questacon Data Core tool addressed the data challenges that Questacon was facing into a platform that not only collected and stored data but was able to analyse it. Anywise has now made a 2.0 version of the Data Core tool which has improved the system significantly.


The Anywise Questacon team released the Questacon Data Core tool that is tailored to suit the needs of Questacon. The Questacon Data Core provides an integrated digital platform to collect, collate, govern, analyse and visualise data from thousands of data points across the Questacon’s National Outreach Programs and in-centre exhibitions. Visualisations, dashboard reports and geographical mapping demonstrated the power of the data and was able to showcase the impact of STEM events delivered by Questacon all over Australia.

This project demonstrates how an agile partnership with industry can deliver innovative outcomes. The Anywise team has been able to develop a deep understanding of the problem and help make that data useful.


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