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Land 8140 – Deployable Force Infrastructure

Case Study

At a glance


Our client, Army Headquarters, was seeking assistance to navigate a large complex acquisition project through Government approvals. Anywise was regarded as having unique insights into industry capability in the field of Deployable Force Infrastructure and was proven in the delivery of integrated project teams above the line through its experience in support of Land 155. The client requested support to plan the project in detail and to conduct market research to inform the development of options for consideration by Government.



- Government & Defence



- Agile Project Management
- Market Analysis
- Engineering
- Integrated Logistics Support
- Industry Engagement



- Analytics
- Valuechain iQluster
- Data collection, analysis and visualisation



- 48 months


Anywise provide an integrated agile project delivery team across CASG and Army HQ. It provided an experienced and well respected Program manager to conduct the industry engagement and research activities. To support CASG in the approach to Government approvals and the detailed planning of the program of work beyond this approval, Anywise provided Project management, Integrated Logistics and market intelligence resources to support. Anywise provided strategic counsel, program delivery and business case development.

Anywise was regarded very highly by AHQ staff, CASG, JLC and Field Unit staff and presented an integrated program visions and plan that successfully progressed through approvals.


AHQ and CASG relied on Anywise at all levels from Strategic (Business case preparation) to the tactical, Capability Support planning. Anywise created a high performing team environment and assisted the AHQ CASG team to successfully progress the project through to the next stage.


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