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Industry Cluster Map and Visualisation

Case Study

At a glance


Our client was a prominent defence industry association that managed a network of members. It had historically promoted its membership capabilities online through a static webpage and was seeking to improve it data capture, analysis and visualisation



- Government & Defence



- Data analysis
- Network Research
- Business Analysis
- Data Visualisation



- Analytics
- iQluster



- 12 months


Anywise constantly reviews new technology offerings in the market in order to provide greater efficiencies and effective solutions for our clients. We worked with our client to understand existing strengths and weaknesses of the in house solutions and tested the market for leading edge systems that would integrate and aggregate data effectively. Anywise provided prototype solutions for both Supply chain management and optimisation and Project resource planning and reporting solutions. Boteh outcomes produced interactive dashboards configured and tailored to suit our clients business.


Our client adopted and integrated the proposed ERP system and data analytics systes. It has commenced migration of its wider business to the system and is leveraging the data analytics in reporting to its client. While the supply chain analysis outcome was not selected, it provided a capability demonstrator to the client that has allowed further resourcing of this important function in the generation of additional capacity for its client.


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