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Susan Kruk joins the Anywise team

Susan Kruk has officially joined the Anywise team as the Security Manager, but has been with the company as a supplier since July 2017. She is a highly successful Project Manager with extensive experience working with water utilities and defence. Susan worked in the Australian Defence Force for 18 years as an Operational Movements Logistician including overseas operational experience. She is proficient at managing both large and small teams.

Anywise staff will become very familiar with her friendly face and demeanour in the coming weeks in preparation for security training sessions.

Susan was asked what she loves most about working for Anywise:

“Anywise has tailored work to my passions and interests. I started off working on a casual basis but have now progressed to full time hours. I'm so invested in the work I’m doing, plus I have the flexibility to work from home to care for my young kids. In the army, there was a big focus on connection and I feel like Anywise fosters a sense of family and team intimacy. Time and time again they’ve shown me they care for myself and other colleagues. For example, at the very start of the COVID lockdown, there was the real sense of care and proactive measures to keep us “their people” safe in a way I hadn’t experienced with other companies. Previous companies I’d worked for had a very inflexible view on working from home (WFH), and through the pandemic were forced into situations they were adherently against. Anywise allows for that flexibility and reaches out to employees with resources and a genuine human empathy that has helped the monotony and strange routine of this new ‘COVID normal’.” 

Welcome to the team, Suez!


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