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Anywise presents Contracted Logistics Support service at CIVDEF conference

While attending Brisbane’s Land Forces expo, Anywise announced on Wednesday 2nd of June at the CIVDEF conference its innovative new service, Contracted Logistics Support.

Managing Director, Adam Evans, and Senior Consultant, Susan Kruk, presented the new service at the CIVDEF conference last Wednesday. Due to the sudden lockdown in Melbourne, Adam and Susan were required to present Anywise’s newest service, Contracted Logistics Support, via video call.

Created as a means to allow swift response to disasters as well as support for security or humanitarian missions. The model also provides a meaningful employment pathway for veterans as they transition to civilian life. Veterans bring highly attractive skills and experiences, they are highly motivated, resilient, and maintain very high standards. A team of suitably qualified veterans who are experienced in conducting logistical support, and both humanitarian and security operations, can be mobilised at short notice and when needed most.

Contracted Logistics Support is not designed as an alternative for government or NGO services. Instead, it is a short-term aid to minimise damage or gain control until the main effort can commence. When necessary, reconnaissance and other more strategic skill sets can also be supplied to support dangerous situations.

With purpose-driven projects meaning more to Anywise than just a slogan, the Melbourne-based consultancy is continuously aiming to approach work with this top of mind. Anywise prides itself in agile project delivery and innovation and this contracted logistics support offering is a great example of the kind of agility and innovation that Anywise is known for.

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