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Job well done, home for Christmas

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

After 2 years and over 10,000 hours our embedded CIT trainers finish up their project this week in support of a new capability. Gene and Tim have been delivering an integrated training outcome that started 3 years ago in a risk reduction discussion.

Our objective was to aggressively reduce the risk of delay by coordinating training development hand in hand with the OEM. We stitched Training, Engineering and Project management so tightly together - that by the time the draft TMP were delivered, there were no surprises left, the schedule was safe.

Training delivery is where the rubber hits the road (Literally). We leveraged our longstanding collaboration with 3BY3 Solutions, which has provided us significant training support since 2014. The quality of the work they have delivered has been exceptional. It has been a great privilege to deliver uninterrupted training support, in a truly integrated manner to defend such an aggressive schedule. Now as the end user prepares to take up the reigns, and has fielded a full complement of trainers, we are sure that the foundations set by the team will prove to be rock solid.

We have very much enjoyed having Gene and Tim as part of the Anywise team and wish to thank them both for the passion and professionalism they have shown.

Now home for a well earned break while we find the next challenging program to support. We look forward to working with them, and 3BY3 Solutions, again soon.


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