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New Starter with a Lot of Experience

The veterans in our company have helped lay the very foundations that have shaped Anywise. Read below to learn about Ian's story and how hiring a Veteran may be the best thing you could do for your company, no matter the industry.

Recent newcomer to Anywise’s ranks, Ian LePoidevin, has a wealth of experience he’s sharing with us. Just over 39 years of experience to be exact. Previously serving in the Australian Army, Ian is a veteran who specialised in learning how to best train others, either creating the training programs or being the one to deliver them to both officers and recruits.

Having worked with engineers and project managers alike, Anywise knew Ian had both the know-how and the proven track record. But how did Ian decide he would work with Anywise?

“I first encountered Anywise while working at CASG on the LAND155 Project. Anywise impressed me with their company diversity and the way they collaborate with others to produce an outcome. When the chance to join Anywise presented itself, it was very easy to accept their offer.”

From day 1, Ian has hit the ground running at Anywise. Using his training background to aid in our projects at various stages of development. Not to mention a fresh perspective and strong work ethic. With his first month under his belt, Ian reflected on his time so far.

“Anywise has presented me with the opportunity to continue to utilise my Defence gained skillsets to help Learning Support Team at the Defence Command Support Training Centre (DCSTC) develop a new method of delivering their training.”

If there is one message that we can encourage other businesses large or small to consider, it is to add a veteran to your staff. The qualities that veterans have ingrained from their time in service is quite often overlooked by many employers. Qualities such as leadership, the ability to cope under pressure, clear communication, risk management, perseverance in trialing times (or even the most difficult of projects with tight deadlines).

“It is ironic actually, I am doing things for Defence as a contractor that I wanted to do when I was wearing the uniform.”

We are a company of many unique people; various backgrounds, histories, and experiences with each person bringing their own flair to Anywise.

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