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CDIC Review brings some welcome tweaks

Anywise welcomes the announcements today that the Minister For Defence Industry has directed some improvements to the already successful CDIC arrangements.

With these changes, the CDIC will become more focused, more targeted and more aligned to Defence Capability Manager needs in the post-2020 Force Structure Plan.

As an active participant in CDIC programs and currently working toward another DIH Partnership, Anywise welcomes these changes, further improving the relationship with Defence and the small business sector.

Companies in the wider Anywise network that are not yet aware of the Defence sector and how CDIC can assist, are encouraged to contact the CDIC or call us for a discussion on our own experience.

Our CDIC journey has not been without some angst and disruption, however, it has been positive overall and constantly improving.

The proposed changes have largely been accepted in principle and following a 6-month review and consideration period, we should see improvements early in 2021.

Anywise has successfully delivered the first of our Defence Innovation Hub contracts for the development of FABHUMS.



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