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Another successful Collaboration

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Anywise Consulting demonstrated, once again, its commitment to small business and innovative approaches to open collaboration by participating in Army Innovation Day. This annual event is an authentic and rare opportunity for Australian small businesses to liaise directly with end users and decision markets from within the Army. Anywise is proud to have been in attendance as a select part of a small team, led by Tomcar Australia.

Anywise worked in partnership with Tomcar in order to plan and prepare the requirements for attendance, including proposals, training, bid preparation, opportunity validation and the coordination of engagements with Defence Force stakeholders, thus alleviating frustration, expense and difficulty that can be faced by small companies when navigating a large client. In this instance, and others, Anywise provided high level navigation support, bid and sales services.

The real value of collaboration is being able to look beyond traditional company boundaries and ensure the right fit of people, processes, tools and technology to generate truly innovative solutions. This is the best way to field a compelling and innovative offering for programs like Army Innovation Day.

Anywise has a broad network within stakeholder circles, and draws upon these networks once an opportunity is validated, facilitating introductions and market entry for aspirant small businesses. This streamlined approach to providing professional services to win and deliver sales is well reputed in ensuring transparent return of investment on the cost of sales.

"There is a lot of responsibility being invited to represent a another company on the national stage, literally. Standing up on the stage in front of senior decision makers on behalf of a great Australian company describing world beating technology is a privilege and a highlight of the day."

Adam Evans - Director Anywise Consulting

With Army Innovation Day and collaboration with Tomcar, Anywise continues to develop a reputation as a consulting firm that provides efficiency and high value for money whilst alleviating the cost and complexity of doing business in and with Defence Industry. Once contracted, Anywise provides Integrated Project Management support to deliver against the demanding expectations of the Defence community.

If you would like to know how Anywise can help your company identify opportunities to collaborate, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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